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Stories from the Road: The Veteran

In the summer of 2016, Henderson Productions and Poggio Amorelli B&B set off for a culinary and photographic journey through British Columbia, the Yukon Territory and Alaska.    Stories of the Road is a series of snippets of that journey.   Stay tuned over the coming months for additional stories of this and other journeys.

Uniform, USAF

USAF 70’s era utility uniform with buck sergeant stripes

It’s been 20 years since he retired from the USAF.  And when he does the math he’s stunned to realize it’s been another 20 since he drove the Alaska Canada Highway from Fairbanks to Dawson City and all the way to Sacramento to get married.    It’s clear it’s a million years ago and yet every turn of the road is a returned memory –“it wasn’t this paved back then”…..”I don’t remember this blue lake, maybe it was night when… Continue reading

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