Sometimes the most important part of a photo is what’s not in it.

The essence of the moment. The way the air smells. Feeling connected to that place and moment.

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We are Henderson Productions.

A pair of veterans (of both military and travel genus), armed with photography know how and a serious affinity for images that transcend one dimension.

We understand there’s value in the experience – it goes beyond just how the photo looks.

And since we’re not strangers anymore, we want to say: we know what you truly want and we’ve got the blueprint to build your dream adventure. 

Whatever global itch you’ve got, we’ve scratched it.

And we’re crazy about sharing our knowledge and experience through photography, our blog and trip itineraries.

We’re changing the way you experience travel – by capturing moments that speak to your senses.

It’s our way of scrambling up a mountain, throwing our head back and screaming aloud that we love to wonder.

And we want YOU to go with us!

We don’t know everything and we don’t claim to. We also aren’t the eggman. Or the walrus.

We are:

  • Experienced in developing travel guides that won’t leave you wanting more.
  • Passionate about providing extraordinary experiences.
  • Real people who want to get you in on the real stories.
(please excuse us while we break into song)

“I used a Henderson Productions itinerary to plan a trip to Europe.  The information was extremely useful.   The recommended hotels were perfect and the transportation and attraction information was spot on.   I highly recommend these itineraries and I’ll never go on a trip without checking here first.”


France Itinerary

With the services of Henderson Productions, we had the freedom to enjoy and focus on our personal exploration of the culture and people we would meet on our trip to Nepal, while all the practical details and planning were done for us.  An added plus was the option of a book with written and photographical documentation to help us be inspired for our journey.

Collette Caprara

Nepal Itinerary

Traveling isn’t something you’ve done.  

It’s something you DO.

But now that you mention it, here are some of the things we have done, (and some we still do):

5 years as travel agents

10 years on cruise lines

30+ years of travel itinerary development

+ Inspired thousands with our email updates and newsletters

+ Collected a glorious number of touristy t-shirts in our travels

We’re not “fake it til you make it” folks and we’re not wet behind the ears. Our years of experience can almost get their own AARP card.  

And if we had a nickel for every time someone asked, “How did you do that trip?” we’d…well…we’d actually still be doing what we’re doing.

So, what happens if you click that big, shiny button?

You’ll get useful, periodic emails that will:


We give you details we’ve gathered, saving you time and giving you confidence to plan on your own (look ma, no hands!)


We capture uplifting, real stories via quality photographs: seriously inspirational stuff for your next hop, skip and jump around the world.


Maximize your own story by learning about others.  We’ve got loads of well-planned trips – no more spending money on ho-hum attractions.  Get to the heart of the place and feel it thump-thump.


Our blog and itineraries are the copacetic result of tried, tested and true travels done in a way real ramblers crave.  Open hands.  Receive tools

And we’ll do it WITHOUT: 

Overwhelming you with options  |  Wasting your money or time  |  Junking up your inbox

It’s easy to get tired of what’s right outside your front door…

Don’t just be retired.  Be inspired!

(we’re free birds too)

Henderson Productions