Over the coming weeks, we’re delighted to present the backstory for a series of award winning images from 2019 13th Annual Pollux Awards.

We knew we were going to Zanzibar as part of our trip to Tanzania.   As part of the research, we learned about the Forodhani Street Market from numerous sources including an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s

Over the centuries, trade winds have blown traders and merchants into Stone Town to sample the precious spices the island has become famous for.   Among other items, one can sample Zanzibar pizza – a parcel of meat or fish, onions, peppers all spread on a thin layer of dough and served with tomato or chilli sauce to add a little spice.   Or go for the kebabs of fresh catch lobster and mahi and mussels, chunks of beef, chicken or even pineapple, and numerous sauces and salads.

If you want to top it all off – try the Nutella, banana and ice cream “pizza” – more closely related to a fresh crepe than our western definition of pizza.

Plus, it was a very fun way to practice documenting a slice of life with locals and tourists intermingling over great food.

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