It’s true isn’t it? There’s a camera lurking, getting pushed further and further into the closet. It came out for a bit, maybe even sat on the coffee table during the holidays. Maybe you got busy and let someone else take the holiday pics and then just “shared” them the next day. But….how would you like to get better? We’re gonna spend a little time in 2016 trying to help with that.
First, PLEASE, go to Henderson Productions on FB and let us know what your challenges are. You can do that now at We’ll try to address as many of your interests as possible this year.
The idea to get you started is to PRACTICE. No one gets better just looking at the equipment (think about your cooking skills – good or bad, it’s rarely the tools that make the difference.) Grab your smart phone or point-and-shoot or fancy camera and get out there with a mission in mind.
I like what I call Photo Safari’s. It’s the perfect thing for a busy week. Here’s a couple list ideas compiled by others.

Project 52 Photos 3

A sample list of photo challenge projects for the year.

Project 52 Photo Ideas

Another sample list of possible topics

















Thank you to and the original authors of these lists.
Let’s start easy – pick 12 and try to capture one each month. Just have it in the back of your mind all month. And to make it even easier, think of your routine. Are you always having a cup of coffee after everyone else is out of the house in the morning? Maybe “morning weather” would be a good topic. How about always waiting for the bus or train to and from work? Try “people on transit”. Those are somewhat quiet moments when you can take a quick pic. (Just don’t do it while driving!)
I also participate in several forums on FB where ideas are generated each week or month. While I don’t always post each session I do get great ideas and the opportunity to ask “How did you do that?” Here’s a couple to get you started but if you’re in some other geographic area, just search for your town/state/country and the word photography and you’ll be surprised what pops up.

My current favorites are:   “104 Weekly Photo Projects”,  “Project 52/2016”, and “Photography on Facebook”.    All available via searching on Facebook.

Bottom line – just start using your camera. And post some of your images back to us. We’d love to start sharing.