That’s a recent quote from Ashton Kutcher.    And a great reminder to appreciate the talents of others.

I’ve recently joined a couple of very interesting groups including the Rising Tide Society with a motto of “Community over Competition”.     How refreshing.   Begun in the last year, the group has an international following of many thousands primarily using social media to share business ideas, tactics and solutions for creative entrepreneurs. 

I must say I’ve already learned quite a bit from them in less than 3 months.   For instance, I now have an Instagram account and used it to promote my most recent show.

I’ve also learned the demographic differences between social media platforms.   Did you know that those under 30 have abandoned Facebook and shifted to Instagram?    Is that your audience?  Have you made the shift to get your business to them?

Another value to joining like-minded professionals is the educational value.   Where else could you gather all this positive energy and learn while you’re doing it?    The Rising Tide Society blog page provides a steady stream of expert advice, tips, and inspirational advice on a regular basis.

Rising Tide Society Blog Screenshot

And, as with everything, a business is also about networking. So I greatly appreciate the leads I’ve received this summer including the opportunity to shoot the Veterans Golf Association mid-Atlantic qualifying tournament.     

Welcome to the VGA Qualifier by Sue Henderson

If you’d like more info about RTS, check out  I’m sure they’ll welcome you aboard.