Over the coming weeks, we’re delighted to present the backstory for a series of award winning images from 2019 13th Annual Pollux Awards.

We spent the two-hour drive to Bagamoyo just north of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, watching the city glide by.   At 11:30 the kindergarten and primary schools let out, so we watched various school districts by the color of their uniforms.   All white shirts with coral, wine, hunter, cerulean, navy, sienna, khaki shorts or skirts.   They skipped, dawdled, communed and played their ways home as we asked our driver about them.  

There were delivery vehicles and women headed to the market or waiting for the bus all colorfully dressed just going about their daily business.

Capturing life at 35 mph is a wonderful photographic exercise allowing a fleeting glimpse of life on the road to Bagamoyo.

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