In the winter of 2019, Henderson Productions took a small group to Tanzania for a 14-day adventure.   This blog series tells the story of the trip and our fellow travelers.  Using our network around the world, we curated a tour to give us local connections and experiences beyond the normal tourist choices.  For more information about our upcoming trips, subscribe to our newsletter.

An elephant under the famous baobab tree

In the morning, we made our early breakfast at 6:30 without needing much for our tender stomachs.   We packed up our lunch boxes from a big selection and loaded up with a new configuration in our trucks.   M and K opted to spend the morning relaxing and skip the game drive.   We juggled around into two vehicles for the day.

Off to Tarangire on amazing roads, we even stopped at a gas station for a bathroom break where S bought a clever t-shirt from a vendor and I bought three bracelets for 10k TZ. (approx. $5).   Nice.  In short order we picked up some interesting birds – the go-away bird and an eagle.   Plus, a malachite kingfisher, a red-headed barbet and a white-headed buffalo weaver!    Thank goodness for eagle-eyed Johnson but also our safari guide book to help make sure of the designations with pictures and help me accurately spell everything.   I think Johnson thinks I’m a bird watcher but it’s mostly because it’s my job to write everything down for our truck.

Malachite kingfisher

We got very lucky to see 2 grown and 1 young male lion in full view as hordes of aggressive drivers cut each other off angling for a better view.   Being stuck in the clump meant we were the last van out when the big guy went for a stroll and WE got the shot.    Karma dudes.

Got the shot!




Tarangire was completely different topography from the other two parks with lush vegetation and trees on spring green vibrant grasses.    We sat silent for 45 minutes as a large herd of elephants brushed past us on three sides and rubbed up against the national symbol, the baobab tree.

As it happens, our last new find in the park was a yellow fritillary butterfly that flew in and landed on L literally as we exited the park.    She had been saying for several days she wanted a butterfly viewing.    Asante sana Tarangire.   Thank you very much.