Over the coming weeks, we’re delighted to present the backstory for a series of award winning images from 2019 13th Annual Pollux Awards.

I was honored to have been present for the opportunity to watch sunrise on the local beach on the Indian Ocean while visiting Zanzibar.

I had no expectations in mind except the opportunity to capture some morning glow on the water and, perhaps, wade a bit for a nice quiet stretch.    Instead what I witnessed, and photographed, was a slice of daily life for these hard-working people.

We had seen the small boats – perhaps 25-feet long – push out at sunset the evening before with three to four on board and a pile of nets.   With no further knowledge, I expected they would be back before the dark of night but learned, on that morning, the fishermen are out all night filling their hulls with small and medium fish.   And whatever else is caught in the nets.

Just before dawn, they pull back close to the beach and fully-clad women and children wade out as far as waste high with plastic five-gallon buckets to create a long line back and forth to the shore.  

Back and forth they come, taking the small fish to safe spots behind the surf line until their contracted boat is emptied and the fishermen head home with their own bucket of fish for breakfast.  

It was a marvelous scene with little distraction from watching their efforts as the sun rose and cast both a warm glow and the heat of the day onto the beach. 

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