All the time I see friends and family waiting til the last items are loaded in the car before remembering the camera and heading to vacations and family reunions. What’s that famous phrase…..prior planning prevents poor performance.

It doesn’t take too much to think in advance about what shots you want. Now if you’re headed to the family reunion you already know you want to get pics of the entire family together – Grandma with all the kids or four generations lined up together, etc. Pretty standard right? But what happens if you take the picture from above them while standing on a stool? Or get down low with the kids playing with the dog.

Here’s a shot I took recently looking down on a boy in a hammock on vacation.Hammock Relaxing Boy
And another looking UP at a zip line adventure.
Wahoo Mom on a Zip Line by Henderson Productions

Mix it up a little. Some time ago I stopped making a list of specific shots like it was a wedding and started making a list of emotions I want to capture. Joy, relaxation, having fun, trying something new – it’s fun. But be PREPARED. The camera has to be somewhere around a big family reunion to catch the action as it’s happening.

Remember that time when the powdered sugar bag exploded and Grandpa vacuumed Liz? It took Grandpa a couple minutes to go get the vacuum. I bet there was enough time for Mom to grab the camera.
Vacuming Manda by Henderson Productions

And with current phone technologies, it’s super easy to have it handy even when you’re a participant.   I took this shot of siblings clowning around while in the water having fun with them.

Siblings Clowing Around by Henderson Productions

Get on out there and capture your vacation and don’t forget to be prepared for spontaneity to capture the family pics you’ll look back on forever.