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Planning the trip of a lifetime or even a short break can sometimes feel overwhelming.  The Go Your Own Way Companion will lighten your load and help you experience travel the way you’ve always dreamed. 

You’ll receive two, one-hour private consultations where we will work together to personalize your trip to your interests, review tools to book exactly what you need, and talk through a timeline and easy-to-use checklists to better prepare you before you travel.



Planning the trip of a lifetime or even a short break can sometimes feel overwhelming. Independent, do-it-yourself travelers need to organize flights and local transportation, reserve places to stay, plan sightseeing and more. The Go Your Own Way Travel Companion will lighten your load and help you experience travel the way you’ve always dreamed.    

We have created a unique personal and private process with tailored sessions to focus on your interests and desires.  If you want tips on travel destinations, hotels, or booking services, our decades of experience and knowledge is at your service.  Concerned about visas or vaccinations?  We can help you find the right information for your trip.  Looking to improve your plans?  We have been creating and perfecting travel for 30+ years in over 140 countries. From first-timers to travel veterans, our on-the-ground experience and insight will save hours of researching, booking and worrying.  And, if we don’t have a ready answer, we have a vast network of trusted travelers who will help us fill in the gaps.  

One thing we won’t do is waste your time or trust. If we don’t know, we’ll tell you and then do our best to find the answers. In addition, if we think you’re being unrealistic or better options are available, we’ll tell you.

We are unwaveringly unbiased and tailor our suggestions to your specific desires. We have no affiliations and do not earn a ‘cut’ for recommending one vendor or another. Your excitement and success is our reward.

STEP 1 – Questionnaire: By filling out our Questionnaire you let us know about your ideas and travel preferences. This is like taking the measurements before tailoring your clothes.

STEP 2 – Schedule Our First Coaching Conversation: Once we receive your answers, we will invite you to schedule a conversation on our calendar.  In the meantime, we’ll use your answers to create a preliminary travel draft which will be the basis of our first conversation.    

STEP 3 – Schedule Our Second Conversation: Our second conversation will be the opportunity to review the itinerary tailored to your trip.   We’ll spend an hour or so walking through our recommendations and locking in the details to help give you the travel experience you are looking for.

STEP 4 –  The Go-Your-Own-Way Travel Companion: We will email you the completed Go Your Own Way Travel Companion. In it you will find to-do checklists for booking the trip, a day-to-day itinerary, recommendations for lodging and ground transportation and the contacts for booking them, a list of tools we regularly use for more info about your destination, and answers to all your questions from our conversations.

Bonus 1 – Go Your Own Way Gang FB Group: You will get access to our exclusive Facebook™ Group, The Go Your Own Way Gang where you will have full access to me and a growing group of travel aficianados just like you.

Bonus 2 – Done For You Itinerary: You will have the option to add one of our “Done For You” itineraries that we have already created. These itinieraries are chockful of images, suggestions, maps and so much more. We sell these for $498 dollars but because you have booked a consultation with me we are giving them away for $249. These are perfect for planning your next adventure or as a gift. Simply choose which one you would like at checkout.

Ready to get started?   Let’s do this!