by Sue Henderson

Just in the USAF back in the day!

I was recently asked if I knew why I do what I do for a living.  Interesting question.   While there are many reasons, the first that came to mind was service.    Now “service” has many meanings in a military family (by now you DO know that’s my background, right?)  And anyone who’s formative working years were the 80’s can’t have missed the Total Quality and Customer Service revolutions.   Heck, I even taught most of it as a Training Director for a large organization in the early 90s.  

But it’s deeper than that.  I suppose it’s always run through my blood, Dad was big on being of service to friends and strangers alike.  And Mom grew up on the tail end of a family of eleven so understood how to pitch in and help.  It was a rare holiday when we didn’t have some person we didn’t know sitting at our table sharing a meal and a sense of home.  And we would always stop to offer assistance on the side of the road if it looked needed whether it was a flat tire or someone stranded in the snow.    We weren’t just taught to open doors for others or be polite but to genuinely engage the lady sitting next to us at a bus stop or literally help kids cross the street to school as a crossing guard.  

That’s me in the front – checking out a stranded car in the snow w Dad and sisters.

By now it’s a natural inclination in my work.    It runs through the very heart of everything I do.   I rarely take an assignment where it’s all about me or what I want.   As a matter of fact, I seek tasks and projects that genuinely help others.   We’ll talk in another post about the value of the art we create but the essence of any project is how can it help others.   

Helping our client/model be ready for a fun shoot at the Eifel Tower.
Working on logistics for a complicated series of photo shoots for a client while on the road.

Which brings me to the biggest point of this post:    What can we do for YOU?    What is the problem YOU need help with?   I’m pretty good at figuring it out sometimes but it’s important to ask YOU what you need?    Are you trying to plan a big event and want it captured for memories?   Are you needing images to promote yourself or your business?    Do you need someone to help put into words the jumble in your head?   Got a complicated, multi-layered program you need to clarify to explain it to others?   Want to know the best things to do or see in 140+ countries?  We can help.

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How can we be of service to YOU?  It IS why we do what we do.   Drop us an email or private message on FB and let’s chat about it.    It’s the heart of our business and who we are.   We hope you know that about us and will take this opportunity to share your needs.