And light……and color…..and line….and shape….and DEFINITELY the odd.

For starters, there’s something just zen about it – being IN the moment – to be aware of our surroundings.  I live in a place where big vistas are readily available in multiple directions.   And sometimes….just sometimes…something catches your eye and you just have to slam on the brakes.

Like these scenes we saw recently while driving across the South Island of New Zealand.     While it is definitely awe inspiring to be in snow-capped mountain ranges with gorgeous scenery in all directions, it can dull your senses.   Our mind looks for the unusual.    And amidst all the puffy clouds and snow with blue sky above and water below a swatch of red like this one just pops out.

Aspiring National Park by Sue Henderson

Then there’s the odd – we came across this ginormous fly hanging off the only building we’d seen in 20 miles.  (There’s a great story about this stop but we’ll save that for another time.)

Giant NZ fly Photograph by Rick Henderson

Or you’re just driving through a dense rainforest and come across this…

Roadside Guillotine Photograph by Sue Henderson

Our final example really caused us to put on the brakes, back up and look for the best place to take the shot.

Lonely Pine by Sue Henderson

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