I don’t know where I first heard it but we all know the phrase “show business”. And most creative types spend hours and hours and even decades getting the “show”. But what about the “business”?

And here’s the thing…keeping up with technology can be challenging (regardless of how close or distant you are from school days). It’s pretty obvious that having an electronic presence is the best way to move forward as a business person.

This blog is a little shameless promotion for the best web team in the business. If you haven’t been there, take a little break and go check out www.focusbyhenderson.com before continuing reading.

Stafford Technologies Michael and Kelsey

Stafford Technologies Michael and Kelsey

Back now? First, please DO comment here or send a message letting us know what you think. But back to the team. Michael Pollaci and Kelsey Farris of Stafford Technologies have the system down pat.

So what you ask? What’s so special? It’s about customer service. What’s the best way to gain customers and keep them? Superior service. Interacting with Michael and Kelsey has inspired me to provide excellent service as I move forward.  A little about their process, the team has created a series of questionnaires geared toward a business plan completion. By the time one works through the mission and purpose and market analysis, they have a clear direction to design the site.

More importantly – it focuses the client, in this case me. Focus on the business side. From updating my tortuga logo and color scheme to creating avatars to giving me the tools to maintain and regularly update the site, this team has set my business on a new direction.

We’re only just beginning to see the results and time will tell if we’ve focused properly. But this business is stronger due to the service provided by Stafford Technologies.

Stafford Technologies Business Card

(And if you’re looking for forward motion with your business, tell em I sent ya!)