a pair of wire-haired terriers poses on a purple velvet couch

Buster and Penny explore the lobby for a photo shoot.


In a heartwarming trend, companies around the world are embracing a new type of employee – dogs. These four-legged companions are proving to be more than just loyal friends; they are enhancing office environments, boosting morale, and even increasing productivity.

The concept of “company dogs” is gaining traction as businesses recognize the positive impact that furry friends can have on their workplace culture. Long gone are the days when dogs were relegated to the role of occasional visitors or simply prohibited from office premises. Instead, they’re taking on the title of unofficial stress-relievers and team motivators.

The Craddock Terry Hotel in Lynchburg, VA has been ahead of the curve with its exceptional pet-friendly policy, and the story of Buster Brown and his successor Penny Loafer. It’s a tale that resonates with pet lovers everywhere.

For a decade the Craddock Terry staff have appreciated the endearing character, warmth and unique charm of Buster Brown to break the ice with new customers, reduce stress and facilitate interactions. The simple action of petting a dog has a ripple effect on the overall atmosphere, fostering a more relaxed and enjoyable work environment.

According to General Manager, Schuyler Clark, the wire-haired terrier was not only a part of the Craddock Terry Hotel family welcoming guests from all around the world. “Buster was a part of the community of Lynchburg. Neighbors in the streets while on walks would stop and say hello. He was a local celebrity. Buster is missed every day.”

wire-haired terriers behind a hotel reception desk

Taking a break from a training session behind reception

Buster’s legacy continues to live on through his trainee and successor, Penny Loafer. While Penny has some big shoes to fill, she is undeniably adorable and is already winning the hearts of everyone she meets. While no one expects any dog to be able to replace the loss of a loved one, the presence of her wagging tail and furry face help lessen the pain and continue the sense of community while fostering a collaborative spirit.

In an age when life is all rush-rush it’s lovely to see loyal companions comfortably wandering around our local breweries and outdoor café spaces. Somehow it brings a life balance to remind us that a quick scratch or pat on the head isn’t going to negatively impact our precious timelines.

We look forward to meeting Penny Loafer in an upcoming visit to the Craddock Terry and join them in mourning the passing of their beloved family member Buster Brown. We just KNOW the Craddock Terry is the right place to embrace his legacy and welcome us comfortably.

Stay tuned for pics of Penny on our upcoming meeting soon.