Anatomy of a Photo Shoot – As You Wish Boutique Catering at The Jorgenson House Luxury Bed and Breakfast

Travelling with a Master Chef contestant (Season 7’s Angela Perkins) can be immensely rewarding.   Among other things, we’d arranged a cooking lesson with As You Wish Boutique Catering at The Jorgenson House Luxury Bed and Breakfast while visiting Juneau, Alaska.   What follows is our experience shooting the scene.

Our hostess at The Jorgenson House introduced our team to the chefs from As You Wish Boutique Catering, Karen and Joe Hudson, and got out of the way to leave us in their capable hands.   Joe had done some prep work during his lunch break from “my real job” and left saying he’d be back in a few hours.

the-hosts-chefs-in-jorgenson-kitchen by Sue Henderson, Henderson Productions

The Hosts and Chefs for the Cooking Class at The Jorgenson House


so-nice-to-meet-you-w-karen-angela by Sue Henderson, Henderson Productions

The meeting of the Chefs in The Jorgenson House kitchen

Meanwhile, Karen and Angela got introduced and started cooking.   Thank goodness it was a HUGE and lovely kitchen and I was delighted to capture what we needed as were the others.



Angela and Karen spent the better part of three hours developing Halibut Caddy Ganty, Salmon Burgers w Asian Cabbage Slaw, and Spring Greens with Alaskan Salad Dressing.    We had two different taste test opportunities with Renda and the cooks at the table in the solarium.   Angela’s husband Ken videotaped the entire process and Rick accomplished behind-the-scenes of Henderson Productions in action.   Great team.

taping-the-lesson-w-ken-angela-karen by Sue Henderson, Henderson Productions

Ken Swickard of Poggio Amorelli B&B tapes a segment of the cooking lesson with As You Wish Catering

The food was absolutely lovely.   Karen and Joe Hudson settled here after he retired from the Navy after spending time as an Army Ranger before becoming a Seal.   Mad skills for Alaska we reckon.   Obviously as military families we had much in common and the connections were easy.   As many of us have done, he is now redirected toward establishing the cooking school with Renda and giving back by teaching kids the heirloom skills, techniques and recipes that are being lost.

tasting-the-halibut-ganty-in-the-solarium-w-photog-rick by Sue Henderson, Henderson Productions

Rick Henderson shoots the halibut tasting in the Solarium

Joe came back from his “day-job” with the State of Alaska.   He’s always her sous chef and handles most of the cleanup.     They’re in a good place for setting off on their new food adventures

And there we were.   Done with our shoot, full of cheer and scrumptious local delicacies.   Big hugs.   Make sure we all have each other’s contact information and off we went.   Whew!   Mission accomplished.

Stay tuned for our next blog with recipes provided.


delivering-the-salmon-taste-tests-w-karen-angela by Sue Henderson, Henderson Productions

The chefs delivering the salmon to the tasting.

sue-prepping-for-the-tasting-shoot-at-jorgenson-luxury-bb by Rick Henderson, Henderson Productions

Sue prepping the tasting table for the photo shoot in the Solarium

tasting-the-slaw-dressing-angela by Sue Henderson, Henderson Productions

Angela tastes the slaw dressing