In the winter of 2019, Henderson Productions took a small group to Tanzania for a 14-day adventure.   This blog series tells the story of the trip and our fellow travelers.  Using our network around the world, we curated a tour to give us local connections and experiences beyond the normal tourist choices.  For more information about our upcoming trips, subscribe to our newsletter.

Sunset at Fordohani Market in Zanzibar

An afternoon of snoozing and floating in the pool was just what the doctor ordered with another round of awesome shower-ness and at 6:30 we were ready for the journey back into town for dinner at the Fordohani food market made most recently famous by Anthony Bourdain.   In our absence, approx. 50 stalls had been erected leaving a center area for grills where chefs in jackets and hats cooked and re-warmed delicacies.    On the street side, amiable gents tried to attract you to their stall explaining the many grilled options.   We learned from an early one and told him we’d come back but wanted to walk around and photo while we could with the setting sun.   We did determine there wasn’t much difference between them and went back to the original guy.



R and I shared a corn on the cob (horrible/inedible), shrimp, giant prawns, langoustines on a stick, 2 chapati (flatbreads) and 2 cokes for a whopping $18.    Others had shwarma, hazelnut-banana-chocolate crepes, Zanzibari pizza – 2 flatbreads with options of fillings, beef or variously spiced chicken skewers, plantains, cassava, sweet potato – all on display to be selected for reheating while you wait.   I could eat there every night.

The evening breeze, right off the sea refreshed the park with locals and tourists resting on the seafront wall or cannons sharing news and jokes.   It was an idyllic way to experience our last evening in Zanzibar.

By noon the next day, we were on the return ferry with assigned seats and private screens for viewing dozens of options.   I shot pics of dhows from the open deck as we departed.   We had another huge breakfast and a great night’s sleep.