Over the coming weeks, we’re delighted to present the backstory for a series of award winning images from 2019 13th Annual Pollux Awards.

A trip to Antelope Canyon on the Navaho Indian reservation near Page, Arizona is an excellent addition to a visit to this highly diverse region with five major national parks within two hours. 

This slot canyon includes two separate sections of the upper and lower canyons – both accessible only with guides as they are considered sacred to the native peoples of area.  Our tour was on the lower canyon intentionally to capture more sunrays rather than the sometimes more colorful upper canyon at dawn.

At a depth of 120 feet and a length of 1335 feet, it’s a series of ladders leading down to the canyon floor before proceeding through the winding canyon along variously named curves and protrusions.  

As a touring photographer, not on a specialized tour, I chose to linger at the end of our group to capture moments of emptiness before the next group arrived.   The light reflecting and refracting across the sandstone curves was easy to find allowing multiple choices.

When viewing the images later, while the color was lovely, I chose to explore the black and white contrast to focus more on the light and was very pleased with the results. By all means, contact us for tips and details if you’re planning a trip to the region.   We’re always happy to share our travel knowledge.   www.facebook.com/SueHendersonPhotography/