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May 22, 2015
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The thoughts, notions, and ideas here come from thirty five years with a camera in my hand.   I got my first camera as a teen for Christmas on a family trip to Walt Disney World.  And I remember my beginning interest in documenting through photos came from traveling across the country and around the world as a military brat.  120 countries and 49 states later I’m still shooting and collecting those images.

Many of us begin the creative process as children by mimicking success – we sing along with the radio (or Ipod!); we paint like the painters we see; we photograph “postcard” images.     We learn our medium and, if we’re interested, we progress to becoming proficient at copying.     It’s part of the process.

Many of us, like myself, go to school and learn more and become enmeshed in the technical aspects of our craft.   We learn to read music or how to blend colors or the rule of thirds and all the lingo that goes with them.    And, for many, life and making a living and family push those hobbies and loves to the background.

If you’re like me, those creative urges and abilities require outlet and become a profession.    I’m blessed to use my talents to capture and document corporate and social scenes all around us.

I’ve travelled the world for various companies using my creative vision and always appreciating the experiences.   And all along the way I have been the recipient of many artists willing to share their techniques and knowledge and interests.     It’s the sharing that enriches our creative experience and which I hope to offer to you.

Welcome to my blog.    I hope to encourage you to read on as we discover the Creative Focus through the art and business of photography.


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