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It’s a New Era for Wounded Warriors and Veteran Events

I’m a veteran.  And from a big family of veterans.    So, perhaps I’m more aware of veterans events.    But I don’t think so.   The 21st century societal view of veterans is more visible and supportive than the past.   It’s a good thing.  

As a photographer I’ve been called on many occasions to support programs and capture “the essence” of the event.   Wow.   What an honor.    So as we approach Veterans Day, here’s a few of my favorites from this past summer.


Amred Forces Concert in Washington DC

A soldier rests during the 2015 National Memorial Day Concert on the US Capitol Grounds in Washington, DC

Pro Bass fisherman assist a wheelchair vet in Reel Tournament

Wounded Warriors – including the wheelchair bound – were paired with professional bass fishermen in the Reel Tournament in Stafford, Virginia

Handicapped warriors in international archery competition

An international array of wounded warriors participated in… Continue reading

How is the Arts Changing Our Communities?

I’ve been challenged recently by a blog post on Americans for the Arts to think about how arts are changing our communities.    As a photographer, I’m drawn to the obvious conclusion that technology (and its exponential growth to those with no other means) has vastly altered our ability to express ourselves and capture life’s experiences.

For starters, just having a camera is a luxury most of the world is just discovering.   I have been blessed to travel the world in the last couple of decades and seen a stunning impact particularly of the ability to share experiences.    Literally photography (and other media to be sure) is changing both the local and world communities.

Artist Using Cell for Pics by Sue Henderson  Lately I’ve seen many examples including an artist capturing a still life during an art class for later reference and how many of you have seen this at… Continue reading

I Brake for Lonely Trees!

And light……and color…..and line….and shape….and DEFINITELY the odd.

For starters, there’s something just zen about it – being IN the moment – to be aware of our surroundings.  I live in a place where big vistas are readily available in multiple directions.   And sometimes….just sometimes…something catches your eye and you just have to slam on the brakes.

Like these scenes we saw recently while driving across the South Island of New Zealand.     While it is definitely awe inspiring to be in snow-capped mountain ranges with gorgeous scenery in all directions, it can dull your senses.   Our mind looks for the unusual.    And amidst all the puffy clouds and snow with blue sky above and water below a swatch of red like this one just pops out.

Aspiring National Park by Sue Henderson

Then there’s the odd – we came across this ginormous fly hanging… Continue reading

Upcoming show “Through Jackson’s Lens”

If I asked you ‘who is Peter Jackson?’ would you know? What about Gallipoli? What do they have in common?

Sir Peter Jackson (yes, he’s been knighted by the Queen) is the New Zealand genius behind the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies. He is Disney and Lucas rolled up into one and comes from a country the size of Alabama.Thru Jacksons Lens Hobbiton

On a recent assignment trip to New Zealand I actually heard the Prime Minister on television discussing the current economic/budget process say, “Well, Sir Jackson alone is worth several billion dollars to our blossoming economy.” Wow.

What does this have to do with photography? Peter Jackson has taken his significant special effects studio and video resources and created two major exhibitions which are a joy to photograph.


Fifth Statue Gallipoli Exhibit by Henderson Productions   Third Statue Gallipoli Exhibit by Henderson Productions

First, is a centennial exhibit of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli at Te Papa, the national museum in… Continue reading

Got the Show – Now Where’s the Business?

I don’t know where I first heard it but we all know the phrase “show business”. And most creative types spend hours and hours and even decades getting the “show”. But what about the “business”?

And here’s the thing…keeping up with technology can be challenging (regardless of how close or distant you are from school days). It’s pretty obvious that having an electronic presence is the best way to move forward as a business person.

This blog is a little shameless promotion for the best web team in the business. If you haven’t been there, take a little break and go check out www.focusbyhenderson.com before continuing reading.

Stafford Technologies  Michael and Kelsey

Stafford Technologies Michael and Kelsey

Back now? First, please DO comment here or send a message letting us know what you think. But back to the team. Michael Pollaci and Kelsey Farris of Stafford Technologies have the system down pat.

So what you… Continue reading

IN the Water is Refreshing

Finding a new angle is always a challenge when shooting events.  Almost anyone can stand along the shore and take pics of the boats.   And these days everyone IS standing there with quality cell phones and good cameras.

So how do we stand out from the crowd?    Well, one way is to actually get IN the action.  I’ve been on a couple of assignments lately where it’s simply a matter of politely asking permission to join the action.

Old Town Canoe Action HDR taken by Sue Henderson

This was taken on a fairly cool spring day while standing IN the river during a kayak race.  For starters, you have to do the research in advance to know where you can be and stay safe.    Plus you don’t want to spoil any action or endanger the participants.   It takes advance knowledge to find the right locations. … Continue reading

Location, location, location

A recent event shoot had me taking pictures anywhere along a 13 mile route past many historic and lovely sites.    But driving the route at the right time of day – ALWAYS an issue for outdoor gigs – showed multiple challenges.    Overhead wires, trees in full growth of late spring and the inevitable crowded beginning and ending points all limited available spaces.

Then there was the direction of the shots vs the angle of the sun.   An early morning marathon running westward is a real technical challenge shooting moving subjects into the sun.

Here’s an example of a pre-event shot indicating a potential problem.

Mercers Sunrise taken by Sue Henderson of Henderson Productions

As you can see, this wide green space should have been perfect to capture a thousand runners approaching a hero statue.  The solution was to move to the south and capture a side view of the lead… Continue reading

So Where to Begin…

As I begin these periodic musings it reminds me of the first time for many assignments.     What is this project?    What do they need?   How do I ask the right questions to get the info I need to give them the images the client needs?

Volunteers in Action Henderson ProductionsWe can all resort to fill-in-the-blank forms found virtually anywhere.    But the value of experience is cutting through the chafe and getting to the nut.

Location and assignment photographers are often offered a “cleaned up” space like a conference room or office with floor to ceiling windows overlooking an interstate highway spaghetti junction.    “Will this work?”    Well….it’s not optimal.

I’ll usually try to establish a site visit for corporate and event assignments.    As an event planner for decades, I also try to determine the… Continue reading

New Website. New Blog. New Directions

The thoughts, notions, and ideas here come from thirty five years with a camera in my hand.   I got my first camera as a teen for Christmas on a family trip to Walt Disney World.  And I remember my beginning interest in documenting through photos came from traveling across the country and around the world as a military brat.  120 countries and 49 states later I’m still shooting and collecting those images.

Many of us begin the creative process as children by mimicking success – we sing along with the radio (or Ipod!); we paint like the painters we see; we photograph “postcard” images.     We learn our medium and, if we’re interested, we progress to becoming proficient at copying.     It’s part of the process.

Many of us, like myself, go to school and learn more and become enmeshed… Continue reading

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