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Anatomy of a Photo Shoot – The Jorgenson Luxury B&B, Juneau, Alaska

jorgenson-gracious-entry-patio by Sue Henderson, Henderson Productions

The gracious entry to The Jorgenson House Luxury B&B in Juneau, Alaska

We arrived at the gorgeous Jorgenson Bed and Breakfast and were met by the lovely proprietor, Renda Heimbigner, with a hug at the door.   We had been communicating via email for a couple months and it was immediately evident we had strongly connected. I suspect she’s genuinely that welcoming to everyone who crosses the threshold to her lovely historic home perched slightly above and on the outskirts of downtown Juneau, Alaska.   Renda pointed to a large construction project next to the entry patio saying they were in the process of expanding to have a cooking school, some additional rooms with an event space and additional parking next door.   Absolutely no question in our minds it will end up being exquisite.

Renda proudly showed us around the luxury bed and breakfast outfitted in… Continue reading

Photographing a Reenactment: A Story of Immersion

We live in Virginia – the heart of reenactments from many eras.   There are Revolutionary, Colonial and Civil War reenactments on a regular basis.   Here’s an account of our adventure shooting the Dec 2012 150th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Fredericksburg including the pontoon boat crossing of the Rappahannock River.  

We had requested media passes to get as close as possible and ended up sitting on the edge of the dock as the pontoons approached.    The tide turned a smidge and they floated in so the Rebs on the shore switched gears and came racing up the dock to shoot OVER OUR HEADS.

Civil War, reenactment, reeanactors, soldiers, rebals, union, Massachusetts Irish Brigade, Fredericksburg, Virginia, battlefield, battle, civilians, street, river, pontoons

Rebel troops we could touch prepare to fire on Union troops in the pontoon boats

Utter immersion.    Sights, sounds, smells, the entire gamut.    The best thing about something like this… Continue reading

California Dreamin: a Trip Down US 101 in Northern California

I’ve gotta say…..I’ve been coming to Northern California every once in a while for 31 years.    And this is the first time we’ve been almost completely rained out.    And it was spectacular rain – real moody and windy and pelting at night and just constant drizzle almost all day every day.    We dodged some of it on Friday by heading north to the big trees and managed to actually see a little sun peaking out but it was late in the day and we lost it.    It did make seeing the big trees moody and atmospheric.   

Redwood National Park, redwoods, trees, fog, drizzle, ferns, moody, dark, California

Redwoods during light drizzle in Northern California

Redwood National Park, redwoods, trees, fog, drizzle, ferns, moody, dark, California, scale, umbrellas,

My family walking the path in Redwood National Park, California during a break in the rain

The big news was slightly south where all the rain we received rolled downhill and straight… Continue reading

Capturing a Political Assignment: The Rally to Restore Sanity, October 2010

It’s almost always a political season in the Washington DC Metro area.   Here’s a shortened version of one assignment we shot in 2010.

8:50 AM  It’s one of those first frosty mornings of the fall when the fog along the river makes all the orange trees look suspended against the morning sky.   Blue above, orange and red puff balls sitting on meringue of fog.

I’m patting the 12 pockets in my vest and pants to make sure I have everything as I drive.   And the thought occurs to me that I’m headed to my first big rally as a 49 yr old hippie with lip gloss, spare TP and humus!   The kitchen sink must be in here somewhere!

Jon Stewart announced a couple months ago that we needed a Rally to Restore sanity and declared Oct 30th as the best… Continue reading

Steal Your Breath Away or How to Capture a Special Moment on Vacation

As we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the National Parks, we offer this accounting of a way to capture special moments.   This one is Haleakala National Park on Maui.

It started innocently enough.  My co-worker and I knew we had a limited time to use our overnight cruise stop in Maui.  Neither of us had been there before, and we had several months to consider options.  Normally as cruise ship staff, we might get a maximum four hour block of time in a port, but we knew this one would be 28 hours! When you work on a cruise ship, someone has been there before.  We were told we should see sunrise at the top of the volcano at Haleakala National Park on Maui. We decided to rent a car and drive so we’d have a break from any crowds and the freedom… Continue reading

Johnny Johnson and the Tale of the Okra Paintings

This is a reprint of a piece written for the February 2016 Front Porch Fredericksburg and purposely shared now as the show is opening at Art First, Caroline St, Fredericksburg, VA for the month of June 2016.

“Anytime I mention okra to people they always wrinkle up their nose and cringe.  I’ve always loved okra – no matter how it’s cooked”, said Johnny Johnson with a twinkle in his eye at the start of our interview to celebrate his 80th birthday at the end of January.

I met Johnny as he was preparing to start his new series “Homage to Okra & More” for a featured exhibit at Art First in Fredericksburg in June 2016.   Six or seven years ago he began thinking of the plant as a source of materials and collecting the pods, seeds and stalks to dry.  Approaching age 80 he says… Continue reading

Inspiration – Sing, Live, CREATE your Own Song

The following is the text of a speech prepared for the 65th Annual Barbara Geslock Woman’s Forum in Fredericksburg, VA – presented 19 March 2016

You can see from my resume that I’m an artist.    A singer.    A creator.  By choice I live a life of creativity.      I am many other things – a grandmother, a wife, a nurturer, a goofball, a mentor, a lover, etc.     So are you all.     But I’m fundamentally a creator.   I find creative solutions.   I create partnerships.  I believe I always have been creative. And often I get questions like “How do you come up with that stuff?”    or “How do you do that?” or folks who say “I’m not like you I can’t do that” or… Continue reading

What to do when it’s Freezing Outside: the Holly Bubble Backstory

So it’s January in the Mid-Atlantic. That pretty much means sooner or later we’re going to be really cold. And sometimes, you just get a little stir crazy – especially if it’s been overcast for multiple days. The story of Holly Bubble starts on one of those super cold long stretches a few years ago.
Now to be honest, I’d had the idea and was waiting for it to get below zero for a day or so. And the idea itself wasn’t original – I’d seen it somewhere on social media or a magazine or something. I was dying to try it.
The idea is to blow a bubble in freezing dry air and it will instantly freeze before it can pop. Cool. All it takes is a regular bottle of kids bubbles – we got ours from a dollar store for next to nothing.   Finally the temps… Continue reading

What can we do for YOU?

It’s January. We’re all assessing what sort of resolutions we have for the new year right? We’ve done that here at Henderson Productions as well. And a major goal is to interact more with our friends and customers on the subject of photography.
We’ve drafted a short list of things we THINK you might like to know but…well, you know…..it could all be in our heads. What we need most is some feedback.

To get you started, here’s what our company does. We photograph large scale public events – like parades and airshows and park hikes and historical reenactments. Generally, our clients for those types of events are sponsors or organizers who need photos both to thank their participants and to publicize in coming years.


Marine Corps Half Marathon by Sue Henderson

Carrying the flag up Prince Edward Street, Fredericksburg, VA during the 2015 Marine Corps Half Marathon

Our other focus is corporate photography. Do you… Continue reading

“There is So Much That Can Connect Us, Rather Than Divide Us”

That’s a recent quote from Ashton Kutcher.    And a great reminder to appreciate the talents of others.

I’ve recently joined a couple of very interesting groups including the Rising Tide Society with a motto of “Community over Competition”.     How refreshing.   Begun in the last year, the group has an international following of many thousands primarily using social media to share business ideas, tactics and solutions for creative entrepreneurs. 

I must say I’ve already learned quite a bit from them in less than 3 months.   For instance, I now have an Instagram account and used it to promote my most recent show.

Show Prep Kit and Staged Photo by Sue Henderson

I’ve also learned the demographic differences between social media platforms.   Did you know that those under 30 have abandoned Facebook and shifted to Instagram?    Is that your audience?  Have you made… Continue reading

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